Technical specification

PORTICO offers:

  • A full CAT6 end-to-end structured cabling solution to provide a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure to serve all areas of the building. The system provides optimal support of high-speed data protocols delivering over 1 GBps with a performance of 250 MHz, fully installed to the latest standards.
  • Wi-Fi is available throughout all areas.
  • Forward and back projection (NEC PA500X dataprojector) with wifi internet links.
  • Remote control blackout facilities.
  • State of the art sound system with:
    • Speakers: Tannoy VSX8 plus VX8.2 SUBS with VLS30 arrays
    • Microphones: Sennheiser ME34 capsules with goosenecks plus E300 series radio microphones
    • 32 points for microphones
    • Roland M480 Mixing Deck
    • XX CD presser.
  • Fixed point XX Internet broadcast and recording camera.
  • Stage lights: DMX controlled LED Spots and Colour LEDS.
  • Lighting desk: Transcension 32 channel.