LIVE streaming direct to you!

Let's be honest, none of us were too sure how this live streaming adventure was going to play out. Would we get funding for the equipment? Would our lovely volunteers step up to the new challenge? Would Verity remember how to direct a live shoot? Would Craig work out the sync? Would Neil forget anyone's name? 

Well, fortune has been kind and we have the Organisations' Emergency Programme at the Arts Council of Northern Ireland to thank for streaming equipment and the Access and Inclusion Fund via Ards and North Down Borough Council to thank for the new stage lights - thank you! Decent quality broadcast images require a lot of light and expensive cameras and we have both now - hurrah.

And of course our lovely volunteers have been amazing. Craig has got the sync sorted, Verity remembered a bit from her previous career and Neil apparently knows someone called Beverley...

Check out our youtube channel for more clips of our live streamed concerts - or the What's On page for what's coming soon to a screen near you!


Our first live streamed concert was an organ recital by Simon Johnson