Volunteer at Portico

Concerts, heritage, gardening...

Are you interested in becoming a Portico volunteer? We have lots of opportunities! If you enjoy talking to the public and smiling(!) then come and join our merry band of volunteers. Or if you'd rather talk to plants than how about being a gardening volunteer?

Get in touch to find out more.

Why volunteer?

Here's what our current volunteers say about volunteering at Portico:

"I love the range of events - things I never would normally try. It's really broadened my horizons. Portico is my social life now and it's free!"

"I enjoy meeting new people"

"Going backstage and meeting the artists is style!"

"My garden at home isn't that big so I like looking after the garden at Portico and it's nice to give something back"

"It's good experience to put on my CV"

"It's great craic! The atmosphere is always really good and we have a laugh"

"I appreciate the opportunity to share my knowledge of local history in my retirement"

"It's like a night out with a little bit of being helpful thrown in"

"I'd only be sat at home otherwise so why get out and enjoy life?"