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  • Finance Minister Conor Murphy

    Look who came to visit!

    Finance Minister Conor Murphy came to find out what we are spending our £100k Dormant Accounts Fund grant on...

  • happy volunteers outside narrows celebrate awards

    The Volunteering W5!

    The Who What Why When Where of volunteering at Portico

  • four summer festivals

    Not one, not two, not three...

    Yes, FOUR festivals happening this summer in Portaferry!

  • clock with sky across

    What do you actually DO, Verity?

    Always a good question. Where does all my time go?

    Throughout the month of May I kept a timesheet and noted down what I was doing every hour of the day and categorised it into areas like programming or audience research or funding applications. Then at the end of May I counted up all the hours in each category and put it into a lovely chart:

  • outreach officer advert

    Wanna work with us?

    We're sad to see Lizzie leave but wish her well in her new job. And of course it leaves an opportunity for somebody else to join our team... could it be you?

  • Comedy Arts Festival

    Our Comedy Arts Festival is back!

    Brilliantly timed to combat the horror of returning to work after the summer holidays... we are delighted to announce that our Comedy Arts Festival will be happening again in September.

  • Brick wall with words So whaddya think?

    "So... whaddya think?"

    I learn a lot from chatting with our audience members...


  • Have a concert on us! A free welcome back event. Amandine Savary & Caroline Cuenot play piano duets. Sunday 22 May 3pm

    A free concert of high quality music? Yes!


    Sunday 22 May at 3pm

    We want to welcome back our classical audience with a gorgeous Sunday afternoon concert of piano duets by the acclaimed pianists Amandine Savary and Coraline Cuenot. 

  • Performer on stage

    “Oooh he’s a still a handsome man, isn’t he?”

    Wow. Portaferry is buzzing this morning after Phil Coulter last night! I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many twinkly-eyed ladies saying “Ooooh he’s still a handsome man, isn’t he?”!

  • Mic

    Any young people keen to perform?

    Do you remember when the fabulous Dea Matrona came to Portaferry - all still in their teens?! Well, we’d like to do our bit locally and encourage local teenagers to have a go at performing.