When Portico was restored in 2015 we tried to balance retaining original features such as pews with enabling access to all. The building is now wheelchair accessible throughout, excepting the organ loft, which is only accessible via a steep and narrow spiral staircase. 

Reserved seating

Seating is usually first come first served. However, we are always happy to reserve seating in advance of events for anyone with access needs. Email [email protected] with any requests.


There are lifts both inside and outside Portico. Please note there is no internal staircase. This means using the external steps or the internal lift.


There are accessible toilets downstairs. Please note there are no toilets on the upper floor.

Blue badge holders

Blue Badge parking is available inside the grounds.

Wheelchair Access

Portico is largely accessible for wheelchair users.

Front Entrance (via Steel Dickson Avenue): 

  • The courtyard is available for Blue Badge parking.
  • Access via this entrance is all on one level across gravel and stone paving. 
  • Internal doors have assistance button pushes. 
  • Accessible bathroom available with low access sink, alarm system and hand rails. 
  • Flooring inside the building is smooth and level, there is one slight slope in the corridor to the bathrooms. 
  • There is space for two small wheelchairs or one larger motorised vehicle downstairs near the back.

Rear Entrance (via Meetinghouse Street):

  • There are two blue badge parking spaces byt the back gate into Portico in the council car park on Meetinghouse Street.
  • There is an external lift and ramp for wheelchair access. 
  • Entrance on this level is directly to the upstairs gallery and 2 wheelchair spaces in the central pew. 
  • Internal doors have assistance button pushes. 
  • There is lift access to downstairs where the bathrooms are located. 

If you want to reserve a wheelchair space for an event email [email protected] 

Pews and cushions

Portico has original wooden pews dating to 1841. These pews are part of Portico’s unique heritage charm. The base of the seats are covered with thick padded cushions. However, the seat backs are upright wooden and some people find these uncomfortable, especially people with back issues. We recommend you bring a cushion with you if you have any back issues

Audio loop

There is a built-in audio loop for hearing aid users.


There is some external lighting at Portico but the car parking areas, owned by the local council, do not have many streetlights. If you are sight-impaired you may wish to bring a bright torch or, if you are a blue badge holder, park in the Portico grounds.

Baby changing

There is a baby change unit in the bathroom for people with disabilities.

Visual Guide

We've also created a Visual Guide to your visit to Portico. 

We hope that it gives you a better idea as to what to expect when you visit us. 



Something else?

We want to make Portico as welcoming as we can. If you have any suggestions or needs that are not being met please let us know. Email [email protected]