Fallen off the mailing list?

People change, addresses move… No wait, people move, email addresses change… you remember to tell your bank when your paycheck confirmation doesn’t arrive but you don’t really miss those emails from the online “pharmacy”... (and how did they know about that thing anyway?).

Sure, we’ve all done it. Modern digital life is ridiculously complicated. (Is ‘blog’ derived from combining bog and loo? Just a thought…)

Anyhow, IF you don’t get a weekly email from us with all the latest hot gossip from Portico like who is on at the weekend or whatever offer is coming up, and IF you either were once on it and want to update your details then email [email protected] with your full name and email address and she will delete the old you and create the sparkling new you!

Of course if you never signed up in the first place and just want to join then you can do that here.