Free tickets for herding cats

Have you ever tried to organise a group of people? To find an event that everyone wants to go to and a date that everyone is happy with? No? Well that’s probably very wise. It is usually a thankless task!

There are, though, a small number of heroes that walk among us and are known as the organisers of the world. Rarely rewarded for their efforts, sometimes even shamed as a ‘bossyboots’ (or worse…), the life of the organiser is not an easy one. And where would we be without these organisers? Quite literally, nowhere with no one!

Here at Portico we love organisers. We admire them. We need them! We want to encourage would be organisers or tired organisers and reward those who carry on organising despite all the knocks!

Free Tickets for group organisers

Yes, we will gladly provide a free ticket for the poor demented being that takes on the challenge of herding cats (or possibly friends, family or colleagues) into a group outing of more than ten people. Whether it’s for a heritage tour or concert, the organiser deserves a free ticket!

If you want to book a group and claim your free ticket then email [email protected]