“Oooh he’s a still a handsome man, isn’t he?”

Wow. Portaferry is buzzing this morning after Phil Coulter last night! I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many twinkly-eyed ladies saying “Ooooh he’s still a handsome man, isn’t he?”!

What with George Hutton in his black velvet tux, Geraldine all a-shimmer and then Phil Coulter's costume change into the white tux at the interval… We may need to bring in smelling salts when they come back!

THANK YOU so much to Phil, Geraldine and George. What a great show! We’ve had so many comments about how wonderful it was. And nobody can believe Phil is 80 next weekend? Astonishing energy and vitality and well, charm!

And wasn’t it lovely how Phil sat down to sign autographs and chat with people at the end for so long? Friendly, appreciate and genuine. What a lovely man!