The Volunteering W5!

The Who What Why When Where of volunteering at Portico


Who? They are all sorts! The volunteers are a diverse bunch from all backgrounds, all abilities, all ages and with varying levels of commitment too


What? The meeter-greeters at the gates are, the ticket checkers are, the ushers are, the raffle sellers, the drinks stockers and pourers, the clean upperers… all volunteers. There’s some you don’t see too. The garden is cared for by volunteers, our online listings are done by a volunteer, the board is all volunteers. There are a lot of volunteers!


Why? Most say they volunteer ‘for the craic’ or to enjoy a free social life. They want to meet people, make new friends, have somewhere fun to go to. Some like certain types of music or events and volunteer for those. Others come to the events they really like and volunteer for those they’re not so fussed about. Volunteers often tell us they’ve been introduced to things they've never tried before.


When? Some volunteer a few hours every week and some just one evening a month. All are appreciated!


Where? You’ve very probably seen them at Portico because apart from me (Verity)  everyone else helping out at events is a volunteer.



If it sounds like something you might be interested in then get in touch with [email protected]