What should we be doing that we’re not doing?

We’ve been scratching our heads this week trying to think of new programming ideas to tempt new audiences in. What might bring in some new faces? What are we not doing that we should be doing?

We love getting suggestions from our existing audiences for new programming ideas - and we always go and check those out. Can’t say we always then book them though. (To be honest, Kylie is not really a very realistic option!) 

Sometimes the suggestions are, well, a bit left of centre… or a bit, you know, ‘out there’. It’s not that we wouldn’t love to give all ‘out there’ performers a chance, but… well, if they only attract 3 people in a space that holds 300 it's not going to be a fun gig for anyone, right?

Balancing the new and different with the familiar and comfortable is always tricky. But we do want to reach out to people that haven’t been before… so what are we missing?

What do you think? We’d love to know your thoughts. Comment below or email [email protected]