Where do our audiences come from?

If you came to the fabulous ANÚNA concert at the weekend you'll have been asked for your postcode. Why?

Why do we want to know your postcode?

Because you're very nosy?

Well yes, partly ; ) But mostly it's because we need to carry out some baseline data.


We need to get a clear picture of where our existing audience is coming from at the moment so we can see what effect the outreach work we do over the next couple of years has. It's all part of our outreach initiative funded by the Dormant Accounts Fund.

But don't different concerts attract people from different places?

Yes they do! So that's why we'll be doing the survey for two other concerts too - at Neil Delamere's gig on Sat 3 Dec and the Santa's Sooty Christmas show the following Sunday afternoon. The idea is that we get a reasonable mix of genres and audiences across those three shows.

So what's the verdict?

Map of Northern Ireland showing audience origins

As you can see from the image, the audience for ANÚNA came from far and wide. Once we get the data for other concerts we can compare and also get an overview combining all the data.

One of our outreach objectives is to encourage more local (defined here as within five miles) people to come to Portico. By looking at this data again in two years time we'll be able to see if the data has changed or not.

Will you tell us even if you don't manage to do it?!

Yes. But let's have a little more optimism, please! 

And as percentages...

map Northern Ireland with audience attendees origins