More Our Jimmy

More Our Jimmy

Tickets £23.50
William Caulfield is back with his wonderful crew of hilarious characters!

David Hull Promotions Presents – More Our Jimmy

The comedy characters that were created by the late James Young many years ago were much loved throughout Northern Ireland. What made them so special is that they were timeless and with each passing generation the same characters re-emerge. Comedian William Caulfield has for many years had the ability to take these well-known characters and place them in the modern Northern Ireland of today.

In this new show ‘More Our Jimmy- Past and Present’ they all return. Characters such as the much-loved Derek, the outrageous Orange Lily, the affable drunk Willie Simpson, the money savvy man from Ballymena William McFettridge, bosom pals Emily Beattie and Lily O’Condriac, the little schoolboy and the wordsmith and trade unionist Billy Hulk along with many others will grace the stage with sketches, monologues and song.

There is of course no need to have any knowledge of James Young to enjoy the show. This is a night of riotous laughter and some poignant moments delivered by characters kept alive by comedian and actor William Caulfield that you will recognise from the cities and villages of Northern Ireland in this present day.

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